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Spring 2018 One-Year Checkup

Two years ago, while celebrating 20 years in business, Homecrafters announced that a beautiful, new housing development was coming to Caughlin Ranch. Called Pine Bluff, the 26+ acre development was to feature 43 modern, semi-custom homes on lots of about ⅓ acre or more. Early focus groups showed that demand for the homes would be high, as no new neighborhoods had been built in the Caughlin Ranch area since the early 2000’s.




After mass grading and infrastructure went in in 2016, home construction began in late 2016, with the goal of having the first homes complete by the summer of 2017. As we approach the summer of 2018, we wanted to take a look at Pine Bluff’s progress over the past year.


This time last year, we had just begun home sales in Pine Bluff. By June, we had sold our first 7 houses in the beginning of what has been a flurry of home sales for the community. We also had started construction on 9 homes by this time, including the model home and two quick-delivery homes. We had gone through our first 2 releases of homes totaling 12 homesites, and were getting ready to release another 5. Our model home would be under construction until August, when it would finally become available to the public for walk-throughs on August 17th.


Now, fast forward a year and plenty of progress has been made! Pine Bluff is no longer in its infancy with regards to home sales or construction. Our model home has been open for over 9 months, and has seen an average of 50-75 groups come through it every week. As of the beginning of this month, we have sold 25 homes and have 18 left to go for our grand total of 43 Pine Bluff homes. We currently have completed 10 homes, and an additional 16 are under construction in various phases of completion. So far, 9 families have moved into the neighborhood – into their new homes – and have started calling Pine Bluff home.




A year later, Pine Bluff also proudly has a few awards to its name, received by Homecrafters during the 21st annual BANNer awards, which you can read more about on the Homecrafters blog.


Progress on all fronts continues to rapidly advance Pine Bluff from “construction site” to “neighborhood.” We can’t help but be excited for the next year of home sales, home builds, and homeowners moving into the beautiful Pine Bluff community in Caughlin Ranch.


Here is an overview of our year-to-date progress:


May/June 2017 May/June 2018
Homes released for sale 12 28
Homes sold 7 25
Homes under construction 9 16
Homes completed 0 10
Homeowners moved in 0 9
Homes left to release 31 15
Homes left to sell 36 18