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Summertime Community Update

Summertime is in full swing and we have exciting updates for you! Last update we told you about our Phase 1 where we were just putting in landscaping and roads. Today, we have a sales trailer on site,  beautifully landscaped common areas and entries, and several homes under construction.

Watch the video below to see how we have progressed over the last few months, and the gorgeous scenic views which surround our property.


The beautiful community views make our housing development simply breathtaking. You can partake in experiencing the views during the week or weekends by stopping by our sales trailer to learn more about our homes and the growing community. Hours for our sales trailer are: Monday–Wednesday, from 12pm to 5pm and Saturday and Sunday, from 11am to 5pm.

While homes are still under construction, we thought an update on property availability might be helpful. In total we have sold 9 homes, with 11 homes currently under construction. The first release of homes only has 1 home left for sale, and our second set of release homes have 2 homes left. We just released the next set of homes and already we have one sold with another just placed on reserve. You can find our site map here and locate your dream home today!


The saying goes “seeing is believing” and we are in full agreement! Currently under construction and scheduled for opening in mid-August, we are proud to share our recently built model home with you! You will be able to walk through and experience our beautiful homes yourself and understand why Pine Bluff is your dream home location. View our floorplans and learn about your different options.


For up to the minute information, contact Larissa Osborn by phone at 775-848-6579, by email at